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Da vat hy


Cederberg Local Municipality
West Coast District Municipality
Western Cape
South Africa

Short term: Foggy tonight.

Long term: Light rain tomorrow through next Saturday, with high temperatures falling to 11°C on Friday.

Saturday 01 September, 2018
Summary: Foggy overnight.
High: 21.42
Low: 6.2

Sunday 02 September, 2018
Summary: Foggy overnight.
High: 12.43
Low: 4.81
Precipitation: Rain (44% chance)

Monday 03 September, 2018
Summary: Foggy in the morning.
High: 20.01
Low: 5.31
Precipitation: Rain (7% chance)

Tuesday 04 September, 2018
Summary: Partly cloudy in the morning.
High: 18.5
Low: 2.93

Wednesday 05 September, 2018
Summary: Foggy in the morning.
High: 15.88
Low: 5.24
Precipitation: Rain (22% chance)

Thursday 06 September, 2018
Summary: Light rain overnight.
High: 11.79
Low: 6.61
Precipitation: Rain (52% chance)

Friday 07 September, 2018
Summary: Rain until afternoon, starting again overnight.
High: 10.83
Low: 7.29
Precipitation: Rain (96% chance)

Saturday 08 September, 2018
Summary: Rain in the morning.
High: 14.67
Low: 6.44
Precipitation: Rain (90% chance)

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Weather data by Dark Sky

By die Minnaars se huis in Brackenfell - die vertrekpunt.
Amper klaar gepak.
9s, 1.3 MB
12s, 1.5 MB
12s, 1.7 MB

Bains Kloof Pass (R301)

The Bain's Kloof Pass (R301) provided a more direct route from the town of Wellington to the more northern towns of Ceres and Worcester, in the Western Cape.
It is 26,8 km in length from the bridge over the Breede River to the outskirts of Wellington. Built circa 1849 by Andrew Geddes Bain, this pass was a tough nut to crack, working with convicts and raw, rough materials and methods. As always seemed to be the case with Bain, he oversaw a marvellous job of the pass which, having stood the test of time, is now a national monument.
The more dramatic, northern section of the pass roughly follows the course of the Witte River, a raging torrent during the wet winter season.

avg gradient: 0.085416667
date filmed: 03.01.2016
distance: 28,6 km
elevation end: 137m
elevation start: 235m
elevation summit: 594m
gps end: S33.638722 E19.021220
gps start: S33.520165 E19.185615
gps summit: S33.611912 E19.104491
height gain loss: 457m
max gradient: 01:05
nearest town: Wellington (25km)
province: The Western Cape
speed limit: 40 - 80 kph
surface: Tar (Sub standard)
temperature: 28C
time required: 50 minutes
travel direction: South

Ceres ná Michellspas. Hulle het oplaas begin met die eiendomsontwikkeling op die gholfbaan.

Michells Pass (R46), Ceres

Michell's Pass (frequently misspelt as Mitchell's Pass) was named after Charles Michell who planned the original route through the Skurweberg & Witzenberg Mountains from Tulbagh and Wolseley through to Ceres. He was a talented military engineer, who perhaps gained more fame for his exploits by eloping with the 15 year old daughter of a French colonel. This might explain why he was "transferred" to the Cape of Good Hope! Michell went on to become the Surveyor-General for the Colony and designed and built several prominent Cape passes and bridges and was a major influence in road construction in the Cape, together with the popular Colonial Secretary, John Montagu, had the vision to plan a network of roads through the Cape Colony that would pave the way to a successful growth in the region's economy.

avg gradient: 01:44
date filmed: 17.08.2012
distance: 7,93km
elevation end: 452m
elevation start: 313m
elevation summit: 480m
gps end: S33.374997 E19.299158
gps start: S33.420136 E19.265928
gps summit: S33.378788 E19.296601
height gain loss: 167m
max gradient: 01:05
nearest town: Ceres (10km)
province: The Western Cape
speed limit: 60 - 80 kph
surface: Tar
temperature: 12C
time required: 10 minutes
travel direction: North

Prins Alfred's Hamlet. Volgende Gydopas.

Gydo Pass (R303), Ceres

The Gydo Pass was built at the same time as Michells Pass by Andrew Geddes Bain and his team of convict labourers circa 1848. This important pass connected the Warm Bokkeveld with the higher altitude Koue Bokkeveld, as well as the remote, but fertile (and therefore lucrative) Witzenberg Valley a few kilometers west of the head of the pass.

avg gradient: 01:17
date filmed: 12.08.2012
distance: 6,65km
elevation end: 633m
elevation start: 1020m
gps end: S33.255033 E19.327963
gps start: S33.222456 E19.323646
height gain loss: 387m
max gradient: 01:10
nearest town: Ceres (14km)
province: The Western Cape
speed limit: 60 - 80 kph
surface: Tar
temperature: 15C
time required: 8 minutes
travel direction: South

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